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4 Tell-Tale Signs You Have A Water Leak Under Your Driveway

Water leaks, in general, can be tricky to figure out if you don’t have the training and skills. Leaks that are beneath a concrete or asphalt driveway are even trickier. Not only can these types of leaks be tough to repair, but they can also be tough to find. Trying to pinpoint the exact location of a water leak is no easy task. Here are 4 tell-tale signs you have a water leak under your driveway.

  1. Water Bill Increase

Unless you have an increase of activity in your home, such as hosting out-of-town guests, then you can usually expect your water bill to stay consistent month over month. However, if you notice a sudden increase in your water bill with no explanation as to why, then it could be an indication there’s a water leak somewhere.

  1. Decrease In Water Pressure

If the water pressure in your home has dropped drastically, then that is a tell-tale sign you may have a leak on your hands. A total loss of water pressure is a strong indication that the water main in your property could be having issues. When homeowners do experience a loss of water pressure due to a leak, it often means the leak is extreme. A small leak typically won’t cause a total loss of water pressure.

  1. Strange Sounds In Basement

Strange noises in the basement sounds a lot like something out of a horror movie. We know, we get it. If you hear rumbling, hissing, or burbling sound in your basement – even when water isn’t being used – you may have a water leak under your driveway. To top it off, these sounds are often more evident in the evening when the home is more quiet and still.

  1. Unusual Puddles Or Damp Spots

A water leak under your driveway will usually produce a stream of water that appears as pooling water or puddles on the surface of your property, on the driveway, or even through a foundation wall. Before you start to dig and try to perform a repair, have a professional check for leaks. It’s possible the water has traveled from a neighbors home, so it’s always a good idea to check for leaks before making any major repair decisions.

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