Richmond Water Line Repair

Water Line Leak Detection

Your home’s water line is your source of clean, fresh water. It splits off from a portion of the city’s public water main, which typically is buried beneath your street. Naturally, a leak in the water line means a problem for the water supply in your home.

In Richmond, homeowners are responsible for the portion of water service line within their property, but the city takes care of the portion beyond their property line and under the street. If you suspect a leak, but aren’t sure where to look, it’s time to reach out for Richmond water line repair services.

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Consequences of a Leak

Since your water line is under pressure, damage to the line means water will continually seep out of the leak. The rate of leakage depends on the size of your supply line and how large the leak is.

Sometimes, a water line leak is sudden and obvious. If you have a giant puddle in your front yard when it hasn’t been raining, for instance, or if your basement starts flooding, you’ve definitely got a problem. However, even a small leak may result in damp spots and mildew indoors.

When to Call for Help

If the leak is between your home shutoff valve and your house, closing the valve will prevent further leakage before repair. If, however, the shutoff valve is between the leak and the house, closing the valve will only keep potentially contaminated water out of your pipes. It won’t stop your basement or yard from flooding.

Water line leaks mean calling in a professional for repair services. An improper DIY fix could mean having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix the mistake. Instead, reach out to Leak Finders. We’re the local experts who specialize in leak detection and repair.

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