Richmond Utility Leak Repair

Experience Repairing All Kinds of Leaks

It’s true that a water leak can quickly become a problem for your home. But there are other kinds of leaks that can threaten your health and safety. Many homes are hooked up to other kinds of underground utility lines: natural gas, propane, and sewer. A leak in one of these may constitute a health hazard and require immediate action.

In addition to plumbing leaks, our licensed contractors can handle various utility line leaks. We’re trained to safely and efficiently target the problem. It’s a good thing you have Leak Finders for all your Richmond leak detection needs.

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Targeted Repair

As with our other leak detection and repair services, we use the latest technology to find leaks in your utility lines. This means we can find your underground lines and any leaks they have faster.

We use several methods to detect utility leaks, as appropriate:

  • Electromagnetic locating, where we use a transmitter to tune a metal line to an electromagnetic frequency. From there we use a receiver to track the line underground.
  • Ground penetrating radar, which involves pulsing electromagnetic energy into the ground as a UHF or VHF frequency and recording the images bounced back.
  • Acoustic pipe location, suitable for detecting plastic pipes or other nonconductive materials underground.

One of these methods, or occasionally a combination, can help us find the leak in your unique situation.

Utility Line Location

Often, damage to natural gas or other utility lines occurs when someone digs in their yard for a garden or project without realizing there are lines beneath the surface. That’s why it’s important to “Know before you dig”—to keep yourself and your neighbors out of danger from flooding or a gas leak.

At Leak Finders, we’re also skilled in utility line location. This means that not only can we find the source when we dig for a repair, but we can also help you prevent damage when you have a project. Just call us for a free consultation and estimate.

Reach out to the utility leak detection team in Richmond. Call Leak Finders today or contact us online to get started!