Richmond Concrete Leak Repair

Experienced Technicians, New Technologies

Digging around or into concrete can be a messy business. But if you’re dealing with a leak under a sidewalk or patio, you do what you need to, right?

That may be the case for some contractors, but not Leak Finders. We are the Richmond leak detection service with the tools and methods to fix leaks in concrete—without unnecessary demolition or excess digging. Whether working with foundation or basement walls or even under sidewalks, we can determine the exact location of a leak and remove only the material necessary to fix it.

Trust the experts with the tools to get the job done right. Call Leak Finders for a free consultation at (804) 767-3580 now.

 The Source of Leaks

Aside from your water supply line, most of your home’s water pipes are located inside or beneath the structure. Both interior and exterior pipes can cause leaks through concrete, whether the break is inside the concrete itself or the water soaks through from outside.

In basement walls and foundations especially, seeping water can affect the strength of the concrete and cause it to crack with freeze/thaw cycles. We fix this by targeting the source of the leak, then sealing cracks via injection where appropriate.

Leak Finders Advantages

Our detection and repair methods mean leak fixes are quick and focused, without excess damage to your home or yard. But there are other reasons you can be confident Leak Finders is the right choice for your concrete leak detection and repair needs in Richmond.

At Leak Finders, we’re proud of the other advantages we offer:

  • Competitive pricing with excellent services
  • Class A contractors
  • Free consultations
  • Use the latest technology and methods
  • Also, offer utility line location services
  • Ask about our financing options

If you’re in the Richmond area and typing “concrete leak detection near me” in the Google search bar, look no further than Leak Finders! Call us today at (804) 767-3580 to learn more.