Sewer Line Leak Repair in Richmond

Using Technology to Find & Repair Leaks

Sewer line breaks can result in major health hazards to your family. Whether black water is leaking into your basement or bubbling up in your yard, the bacteria and odor associated with sewage, in addition to the moisture, means you’ve got a problem that must be solved quickly.

Leak Finders is the Richmond leak detection service that can handle sewer line repairs in your walls, basement, or backyard. We use up-to-date technology to locate leaks and our technical expertise to make sure our repairs are as targeted and non-invasive as possible.

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Common Causes

While improper fittings, damage to pipes during installation, or shifting soil can cause leaks in any underground pipe, sewer lines can also be affected by other problems.

Our technicians are trained to detect leak causes common to sewer lines:

Tree roots seeking a steady source of water

Abrasion inside the pipes from flushing inappropriate substances (kitty litter, egg shells, chemicals)

Breaks caused by sagging due to excess moisture

Location & Camera Inspection Services

At Leak Finders, we use up-to-date technology to locate sewer lines, including electromagnetic transmission, ground penetrating radar, and acoustical methods. But in cases where it’s hard to determine the source of the problem or locate the leak, we can go a step further and get a look from inside your sewer line.

Our technicians are trained in camera inspection services. This means we can use a small camera on a long probe to snake through the pipe and determine whether a leak is due to corrosion in the line or an intruding tree root. This makes choosing the best method of repair easy.

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