About Leak Finders

At Leak Finders, our team offers accurate, thorough leak detection backed by over 20 years of experience. Our technicians have trained extensively in all the services we provide, and we take great pride in staying up-to-date on the wide variety of advanced techniques and technologies available. Just a few of the technologies we employ include infrared thermal imaging and acoustic leak detection. The services we offer are competitively priced while still meeting and exceeding industry standards across the board.

Finding and addressing leaks before they are able to cause further structural damage is a responsibility our team takes seriously with each and every job. No matter what sort of challenges you may be facing in your home or business, we have everything you need to help.

Schedule a free estimate by calling us at (804) 767-3580 and speaking to a member of our Richmond leak detection team. You can also schedule a service with us here!

Our Services

Did you know that household leaks can waste more than 1 trillion gallons annually nationwide? A leak might seem like a small problem, but its effects are far reaching. That is why the pros at Leak Finders provide leak detection and repair services, to ensure there is no water wastage in your home. Our services include tackling slab leaks, utility leaks, concrete leaks, gas line leaks, expert leak repair and much more!

What Makes Us Great

  • Competitive Pricing

When you hire Leak Finders you are getting the best work at the best price

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind all our work and we won’t be happy until all our customers are satisfied with our work. We also provide red carpet treatment, so our customers’ homes and appliances are treated with respect and care.

  • Always Improving

Our techs are trained directly from the manufacturers and we continue their training so that they can be experts in our field.

  • Empowered Through Technology

We use the latest in technology to finish jobs at the highest level of accuracy.

Call us at (804) 767-3580 today or contact us online to schedule an appointment today. We are always here to help you!