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How To Best Avoid Plumbing Issues This Holiday Season

Plumbing issues can really put the “bah hum bug” in your holiday plans. Especially if you are hosting out-of-town guests, the last thing you want to deal with are plumbing issues. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid that from happening this holiday season.

  1. Fix Leaks Right Away

Even your smallest leaks should be addressed right away. If you have leaky faucets, contact your local plumber to have them fixed. A faucet that leaks, even just a little bit, can not only be annoying to listen to, but it can also greatly increase your water bill.

  1. Find Hidden Leaks

Have you noticed higher-than-usual water bills? Does something smell moldy or musty? It’s possible you have a leak and just don’t know it. If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to address them right away before having guests over.

  • A sudden increase in water bill
  • Mold spots on your wall
  • Your water meter is running
  • Flooring is beginning to sag or warp
  • An unexplained odor
  • Damaged walls or ceilings
  • Low water pressure
  1. Watch Your Sink Drains

During the holidays, you are likely spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Between cooking and hosting, you’re going to be using your kitchen sink a lot. However, be aware of what you are putting down your sink in order to avoid some serious plumbing issues later on. Putting the wrong items down your drain could lead to blockages and clogs. As a general rule of thumb, you want to avoid putting the following items down your drain:

  • Egg Shells
  • Rice and Pasta
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Bones
  • Grease, Oil and Fat
  • Potato Skins
  • Fibrous Foods
  • Starchy Foods
  • And more!
  1. Prevent Pipes From Bursting

This time of year, it is not uncommon for homeowners to report of frozen or burst pipes. When temperatures go below 32 degrees, the pipes at your home are more susceptible to freezing and breaking. It’s a good idea to make sure all pipes inside your home and outside your home are wrapped and well-insulated to avoid this from happening.

  1. Schedule Professional Leak Detection Services

Whether in your bathroom, kitchen, or somewhere else, leaks can wreak havoc on your plumbing. If you suspect you may have a leak, don’t wait to address the problem. Have it resolved before you have a house full of guests to entertain this holiday season.

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