Month: September 2021

The Top 6 Common Causes Of Household Water Leaks

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The Top 6 Common Causes Of Household Water Leaks

Homeownership comes with its pros and cons. One of those cons is having to deal with water leaks – something no homeowner wants to deal with. Here are the top 6 common causes of household water leaks you should know.

  1. Clogged Drains

Whether it’s your toilet, sink, or shower, clogs can cause water leaks if ignored. If you leave a clog unaddressed for a while, eventually it can lead to increased pressure within your pipes – in turn, causing it to crack or burst.

  1. Bathroom Leaks

It can be hard to identify water leaks in the bathroom because it’s a source of water. If you find water on the floor, it’s easy to assume someone didn’t wash off good enough when getting out of the shower for example. Tubs and showers have seals that are design to keep water flowing down the drains into the sewer. If a seal is faulty, it could cause a water leak.

  1. Water Heaters

While water heaters are designed to last a long time, even the best ones can leak. If you suspect you may have a water heater leak, it could be due to the pressure in the tank. Pressure occurs in water heaters because of the hot water, which creates steam. However, if too much pressure builds up in the water heater tank, the water can leak through cracks and loose parts.

  1. Corroded Pipes

It’s inevitable that corroded pipes will happen eventually. Usually pipe corrosion occurs when old metal pipes get rusts on the inside from years and years of water flow. Because the metal is breaking down, it can eventually leak or burst.

  1. High Water Pressure

While pipes are built to withstand pressure, too much pressure can cause unwanted damage. Excessive water pressure can stress out your pipes, causing them to eventually crack and leak. To refrain from creating pinholes in your pipes and being left with water damage, make sure your water pressure isn’t too high.

  1. Temperature Fluctuations

This is common, especially in the winter when the temperatures outside get cold. When that happens, homeowners often find themselves taking hotter showers, for example. Rapid temperature fluctuations, however, can cause water leaks in your home. This is because when the temperature changes from hot to cold, or cold to hot, it forces water pipes to either expand or contract – quickly. To avoid frozen and/or cracked pipes, make sure you don’t adjust the temperature too quickly.

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